About Us

Golshafa herbal medicine research complex was founded in 1996 on the basis of researching activities in fields of planting, processing, formulating and manufacturing herbal medicines in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.

Golshafa complex equipped R&D unit and employed specialists and experts at researching field and during its two decades of activities has achieved enormous success and accomplishments. Golshafa started collaboration with EC worldgroup and Ayurveda's scientists and some renowned botanists and from 2002.

Golshafa aimed at doing widespread researches on the foundation of modern sciences and by the help of specific strategies to exemplify customer-based and sustaining quality improvement.

We are discovering natural ingredients from nature, including herbal and marine plants, minerals and etc. our products and services are offered at top quality and our deeds guarantee satisfaction of our customers, which is prophecy and glory of this company.

Our main purpose and overall goal is taking significant and valuable steps forward in processing medicinal plants field and offering them to consumers. moreover Golshafa is seeking to introduce superior products in processing of marine plants and minerals field and their usage in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries according to the needs of the societies.


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