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Natural Flavors

Today, most of the consumers are interested in and eager to experience best foods from around the world…

iLuxuryMarket Food Decoration

Food Decoration

Genuine edible gold and silver for decorating foods, drinks, desserts, cocktails, cakes and all kind of chocolates…

iLuxuryMarket Caviar

Health Foods

Our products of health food include a wide selection of vitamins, supplements, beauty and skincare and...

iLuxuryMarket Beverage

Luxury Beverages

Products in our market are high quality that focus on nutritional and healthy beverages rather than prices...

Luxury NanoGold Decoration




Vitanum Gold Facial Cream is highly innovative because of its high moisturizing potential... Read More »

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NanoGold Edible Gold Leaf Sheets 100pc 24K Size of Each Leaf 16 x 16cm

The NanoGold brand 24K Edible Gold Leaf make a perfect garnish or decoration for any edible creation and for applying gold to food surfaces and decoration on ice cream, candies or chocolates, lollipops, luxurious cooking, cocktails and so on. Read More >

NanoGold and NanoSilver Edible leaf products!

Edible pure gold and edible pure silver products are leaf and flakes, classified as natural food additives. leaf products decoration is perfect for candy making, Truffles and Fudge recipes, gold and silver have been used as a garnish for thousands of years for its illustrious beauty and luxurious drink. Read More >

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Gold Has Powerful Anti-aging Benefits

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