Golshafa Creates Opportunities for you and Introduces your Scientific Activities, and Expands your Global Connections.

Complete Application Form for Employment

Golshafa Pharmaceutical Research Complex is recruiting and inviting to cooperate due to completing its staffing in different departments for highly skilled and experienced specialists in majors and potential jobs such as Pharmacist, Analytical Chemist, Medicinal Plants, Food, Administrative Managers, Exhibition Staff, Professional Marketer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Web Designer, and so on as part-time and full-time.

Applicants can complete the following registration form and fill out the necessary explanations in related fields and also choose your requested job so that we can invite you for cooperation in the required department.

Please read the following form carefully and fully complete it especially the notes before you fill out this form as an incomplete or incorrectly completed form will only delay your application.

  • Answer all questions accurately and correctly
  • For parts which do not apply to you please write N/A
  • All fields marked with an asterisk are required
  • Tick boxes as appropriate
  • Provide all information requested by only typing and after completion, submit it to us
  • Use the ‘TAB’ key to move through the document
  • Please write in English language only

Personal Information

Requested Date

First Name*

Last Name*

Middle Name

Date of Birth*


SS/ ID/ Passport No:*


Marital Status*


Permanent Address*



Zip Code*


Phone Number*


E-mail Address*

Education and Training


Please specify your University Degree, College Degree, Business School/Technical, High School including major or field of study.

Institution/Training Provider:

List any special training, additional skills including supervision skills, accomplishments or certifications you’ve completed and additional education, vocational and/or professional Information such as special field of research or study, seminars, etc. regarding the career/occupation you wish to bring to the employer’s attention.

Specialties and Abilities:

Level of familiarity with specialized software

Foreign Language Skills:

If you have any familiarity with other foreign languages, please list them below.

Preferred Work Hours

Please Be Specific:

How many hours can you work weekly?

Employment Desired

Title of Job Request*

Position Applied for

Salary Desired

When will you be available for work?

We like our employees to be willing to work flextime during a particular number of hours each week or month in some departments for example Research and Development, Finance Department Office but can change the times at which they start and finish each day.

When you are unavailable?

Your Research Activities

Type of Activity

Your successful performance evaluations
GoodVery GoodExcellent

Description and field of activity

Employment History

First start with the most recent work experiences and activities (paid or unpaid). Include summer or temporary jobs. Be sure all your experiences or employers related to this job are listed here, in the following summary of this section.

Present or the Most Recent Position:

Employer/Company Name

Job Positions and Responsibilities

Dates from/to


Contact Number

Reason for Leaving

Previous Position:

Employer/Company Name

Job Positions and Responsibilities

Dates from/to


Contact Number

Reason for Leaving


Please list professional references.

References A:

Full Name


Company/ Employee

Phone Number



References B:

Full Name


Company/ Employee

Phone Number



Additional Description About Yourself

Upload File

Please attach your documents and written resume or other summary of information that is relevant to the position for which you are applying.

Acceptable formats:

.gif .png .jpg .jpeg .pdf .doc .docx

Maximum upload file size: 2MB

To the best of my knowledge, I confirm that all the information and the above mentioned criteria given by me on this application form for employment on Golshafa Pharmaceutical Research Complex are correct and accurate. I declare if it proves me giving a misleading, inaccurate or untrue statements, I will not have any claims or objections against any decision of Golshafa. Any offer of application maybe withdrawn or application terminated. *

Dear applicant for job application, just fill out the form, so do not make a phone call.

Note: Completion of this form does not create any responsibility for your employment on Golshafa.

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